Image: People enjoying themselves on ‘Koningsdag’ 2014 in the citypark Coehoorn.

No one can see 5 years into the future, especially in these turbulent times. After 5 years the project will formally come to an end. This may change if certain elements prove so successful that an extension is considered, due to the significant value they contribute to the district, to the city and to municipal real estate.

This initiative will give a huge boost to the district and to Arnhem’s development as the creative hotspot of the eastern Netherlands. The district will become a more vibrant place.
Current users of the area (residents and entrepreneurs) also need to feel the benefits of the activities, including an improved atmosphere in the district, the end of rising vacancy rates and degeneration, active participation in activities and greater economic activity in a highly strategic location in the city.
People from the worlds of real estate and urban development will also take a great deal of interest in Arnhem as a laboratory testing out ‘new approaches to development’. One thing will be clear: by following a longer path, it is possible to develop value in an alternative way – for property owners, for the district and for the city.